Post-Roe Bar Harbor Demonstration

From my June 26th post to the Facebook page:

On Friday I just happened to be visiting Bar Harbor with my wife after work, having an ice cream, when a sort of impromptu demonstration in response to the Roe v. Wade decision took place around the village green. Lots of different people there of all age groups, genders, with lots of great signs.

We need to be thankful for the protections we already have in place in Maine for reproductive rights BUT we must remain vigilant to ensure those rights remain. As many of the demonstrators pointed out with their signs, reproductive rights are human rights.

On a sour note, as the march went around the green, one passer by said in reference to them, "I hope they just go around one time and then they're done." My wife didn't hear it right away - probably good for that fellow.

How *horrible* that your casual time in Bar Harbor was interrupted by people making a political statement in the time of crisis - even if that crisis was not local. The same mentality of those who complain about pro-athletes using their games as platforms for spreading consciousness - "Just play the game, I don't want to see all this political stuff." Until the needed protections exist everywhere, there is always a chance for them to be challenged. Sorry if that interrupts your recreational time - maybe you should ask yourself why it's necessary?

It was a beautiful (hot) weekend for being out knocking on doors but I met a lot of nice people and even mowed a little bit of my lawn as well which is still recovering from "no-mow May". I'm on the cusp of 120 Clean Election contributions and shooting for the maximum of 180, so if you know someone who is interested, send them my way. Need to max out to ensure we have all the funding available to make November a Win and keep our protections in place.