People Love a Trier

I have since had additional experiences with residents I've visited where they were swayed by the sentiment from the below, July 12th post to the Facebook page:

This past Sunday I was out visiting residents of the district when I encountered an elderly man weed-whacking by the entrance to his driveway. Let's call him Humphrey - and no, that's not his real name.

After introducing myself and handing him my literature, he returned it to me, explaining that he never votes for any of "you guys" because once elected, we never do anything or change anything.

I explained that while I cannot speak to what has happened in Augusta in the past, having never been elected to the legislature myself, I would certainly try to make a difference if I were successful. I never promise to do something unless I can guarantee it and so I don't make a lot of promises - other than to try.

He said he'd take my literature back and look over it and that never before had a candidate had ever said to him that they would "try". He promptly returned to tending his grass. I was struck by how profoundly sad (in my mind at least) a statement it was.

Words have power and I always attempt to use them appropriately. All we as individuals can do in life is to do the best we can in the situations in which we find ourselves. Certainly that's what I intend to do, and if successful in November, I'm going to give Humphrey another call and make sure to ask him what things he would like me to "try" to accomplish.