Encouraging Words are a Sign

From my August 24th post to the Facebook page:

Over the weekend, I started canvassing in Franklin in earnest. As is usually the case, probably about half the houses I stop at don't answer the door because they're not home - good reason. Of the ones who are home and answer, often people peer out suspiciously at the weirdo that just showed up unannounced, accept the literature, thank and wish me luck, and disappear back inside to go back to what they probably would really rather be doing.

I don't blame them.

But there are those few instances where we actually have conversations and I learn a few more things about the people in the district. I was fortunate enough to have a few people ask me if I was going to stay on the school board if I win election to the State House, to which I answered yes.

I was grateful when people were relieved to hear that answer. Serving on the school board has meant a lot to me, and it helps to know that more often than not, people are glad that I'm in that position, and that the support I have tried to give to the schools, their staff, and our students has been felt.

Back out there again tomorrow, weather permitting. In other related news, yard signs are available! Let me know if you'd like one or more and I'll see that they get to you.

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