My Positions

Here are some issues that I feel strongly about.

Protect our Natural Resources

Maine's wealth is in its natural resources, whether in the water, in the forests, underground, or simply the sheer beauty of the landscape.  We need laws and regulatory bodies that will protect those resources from exploitation and prevent our State from becoming a dumping ground for other states or countries with more stringent regulations.

Support our Public Schools

Our public school system is the best tool we have to prepare young people for life beyond home - whatever path they may choose.  We need to invest in good programming and supports to ensure these students have all the tools they need to be successful, wherever life takes them, and we need to find ways to fund public education that do not devastate their local communities.

Broadband Internet Access

Affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet access is not only necessary for entertainment, but for business and work in the jobs of today and the future.  Ensuring that everyone or every business that wants or needs broadband Internet access can get it at a reasonable price ensures not only good development in the future, but that our young people have more opportunities to stay in their home and strengthen our communities.

Continue Development in Green Energy

We are at the beginning, not the end of what green energy means and will ultimately be.  We need continued research and development to refine our processes for extracting energy in renewable ways to continue to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in general.

Access to Reproductive Care

Maine has good protections for reproductive rights, even in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  We need to remain vigilant so that those protections are not eroded, and to ensure that providers of abortions and patients are protected from prosecution elsewhere.

Good Jobs in Diverse Industries

Maine is known for specific things.  Lobster.  Blueberries.  Tourism.  Maine can do so much more, and we must mindfully work toward increasing opportunities for young Mainers to be able to stay in this State and continue to contribute to its greatness.  We can have good jobs in traditional fields, and good jobs in new areas if we work toward that goal.

Expand Affordable Housing

Lack of available housing is a challenge to many looking to move to or stay in Maine, even more so for those on limited incomes.  We need to explore ways to help expand availability of long-term housing that is respectful and congruous with the needs and abilities of our local communities.

Avoid Polarization

Polarization, digging in one's heels and refusing to compromise doesn't accomplish anything and hurts everyone.  As individuals with diverse beliefs, we must have patience and treat each other respectfully, especially when we disagree.  Leave big politics in Washington.  Important issues are party-blind people issues that need to be evaluated on the merits of how lives will be affected, and how we can support decisions made on them.