An Independent Voice for Downeast Maine

Polarization hurts everyone.  Digging in your heels and refusing to compromise doesn't accomplish anything.  We as individuals have diverse beliefs, and that requires patience and that we treat each other with respect, especially when we disagree.  Let's leave the big politics in Washington.  The issues that really matter aren't red or blue, but people issues that need to be evaluated on the merits of how lives will be affected, and how we can support decisions made on them.

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What People Say

Roy is level-headed, thoughtful, and a big-picture thinker who is modest and moderate.  In my opinion, the sort we want because he's deeply invested in our community.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Roy thinks deeply about how to problem solve and the best health and welfare of issues that concern children, residents and taxpayers.

eve wilkinson Town Manager
Town of Gouldsboro

Roy Gott possesses the attributes and integrity that are necessary to work with others to solve problems.  He maintains respect – even when faced with adversity, always treats others with kindness, and listens intently before he speaks.

randy ewins Former Selectman
Town of Hancock

Despite being a registered Republican, I have encouraged and strongly support Roy’s Independent candidacy for the Maine House of Representatives.  I place a high value on his keen intellect, moderate political views and ability to distill complex issues into common sense solutions that will benefit the citizens of Maine.

Larry peterson Veteran & Resident
Town of Gouldsboro

Show Your Support


Lawn signs are now available!  Please reach out through the Contact page with your street address to request one and I or a volunteer will bring one to you.  Signs posted on private property along well-traveled roads are the best visual endorsement possible and they can be placed whenever and for however long you like.

Signs posted in any right-of-way are only permitted for 6 weeks in either half of the year, and so I encourage people to observe the posting dates listed on the signs if placing one in a right-of-way.  In addition, please write your address and a contact number on the sign in case DOT needs to take the sign down and return it to you.

Clean Elections Candidate

I am proud to be a Maine Clean Elections Candidate.  The Maine Clean Elections Act helps keep big money out of State politics and helps to ensure election integrity.  I qualified for Clean Elections funding with my first 60 $5.00 contributions in April and I submitted my last round, bringing my total to over 180, at the end of July.  I am now fully funded and grateful to all of my supporters.  You have allowed this campaign to have the financial flexibility it needs to be successful.

I still get questions and people reach out to me wanting to contribute.  You are of course welcome to contribute to the Maine Clean Election Fund, but further contributions will not directly benefit my campaign.  Please consider contributing to other Clean Elections candidates in your district who may not yet be fully funded.

What is House District 12

Redistricting after the census caused a bit of confusion.  House District 12 is a slightly altered version of the previous House District 136, retaining all of its original towns: Hancock, Gouldsboro, Sorrento, Steuben, Sullivan, and Winter Harbor, and adding the town of Franklin, previously a part of House District 137.  Here's a visual aid!


Endorsements and Distinctions

I am pleased to say that the groups and organizations represented below feel that more often than not, I represent their core values and have offered endorsements or other distinctions.  Likewise, I believe that the people behind these organizations have the best interests of their respective groups, and the State of Maine at their core and am proud to have their support.

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Badge

Moms Demand Action

Gun Sense Candidate 2022

MPA logo1

Maine People's Alliance

MPA Campaign Vote! Endorsement

MSEA Local 1989 SEIU Logo

Maine Service Employees Association

SEIU Local 1989 Endorsement


Planned Parenthood Maine

Action Fund PAC Endorsement


Defend Our Health Action

Fund Endorsement